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Peter Wilcox’s Presentation

AESP NW would like to thank Peter Wilcox for a fantastic presentation. For those of you who missed it, you are in luck. Notes from the presentation along with Peter’s slide deck are up on Conduit( https://conduitnw.org/Pages/File.aspx?rid=1326) along with a few questions that were posed by the audience. You can also contribute your thoughts about how to implement deep savings projects in the discussion thread.

Lastly, Peter recommended we all read the provocative article, Titled “Why ‘Picking the Low Hanging Fruit’ Hurts Efficiency, and How to Fix the Problem” by Joseph Romm. http://theenergycollective.com/josephromm/147666/rotten-fruit-why-picking-low-hanging-fruit-hurts-efficiency-and-how-fix-problem.

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