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We are spending the day chatting with folks and learning from sessions at the Green Professionals Conference here at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. Fluid has done a great job brining together movers and shakers in the world of finding creative and effective solutions to the issues of the day related to how we use what we use.

We started off the morning with a talk from Jared Bernstein, Former economic advisor to Vice President Biden and currently Senior Fellow with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. In the course of giving us a sense of the economic climate clean energy lives in right now, Jared tells us that cleaner alternatives are up against some very well funded and entrenched lobbyists. Maybe we need more good people out in D.C. hitting the pavement and making the right friends? That may be the only way to make this Congress work for our industry, because, in fact, that is the only way it works for any industry.

Mingling in the expo between information packed sessions, we get to catch up with our friends and colleagues while we plug into what’s happening across the business.