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Hello AESP NW Community,

PSU Professors involved with the Energy & Climate Change Curriculum (EC3) have asked us to help them design new training opportunities for energy professionals. This is a great opportunity to help PSU design relevant training programs that will benefit all of us for years to come. Please take that time to download and complete the attached survey and send it to Jeff Hammarlund at

The Energy and Climate Change Curriculum (EC3) project is designed to investigate the needs, gaps and opportunities for energy and climate change curriculum development at Portland State University (PSU).  With Portland at the epicenter of the Northwest energy policy and innovation scene, PSU graduates now serve in a wide variety of roles in regional utility, planning, advocacy, and energy regulatory organizations.  With increasing retirements in the regional energy workforce, PSU may be in a unique position to strengthen its offerings of advanced education and training for the next generation of energy professionals and industry leaders.   However, this is only reasonable to imagine if the industry perceives a need and if PSU has the right combination of resources (e.g., programs and faculty) to address that need.

Click here to download the surveyRevised_PSU_EC3Survery_EnergyIndustryProfessionals