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By Christopher Lee

In case you missed our last event, here’s a quick recap of what went down. About 35 people gathered at the Guild Public House for a presentation from Sarah Fielding Moore who is the Residential Lead for Energy Efficiency at the Bonneville Power Administration. Sarah’s presentation outlined the history and development of the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program at BPA.

The Simple Steps, Smart Savings program operates in five states in both urban and rural areas. The program also works with all types of utility companies, including IOU’s, Co-ops, PUDs, and municipals. One of the major challenges of developing the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program was creating value for each region, each utility and its customers.

The solution was to create a multi-product and multi-channel program, which was scalable and customizable between regions and utilities. Even with this comprehensive approach, the key to success was the collaboration and information sharing that took place between utilities and other stakeholders. This level of synergy was achieved through monthly meetings and a dedicated effort to focus on the opportunities rather than the threats created by neighboring territories.

The major channel’s utilized in the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program are retail, bulk purchase, direct mail, and direct install. Out of the 51 participating utilities, 45% were retail only, 35% used multiple channels, 14% used direct install only, and 6% used bulk purchase only. To date, the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program has saved a total of 188,659,898 kWh.

In addition to the energy savings created by the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program, the BPA with the help of PECI and Fluid was able to develop a highly accurate model for allocating retail sales. According to Sarah, “We are way ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to geographic allocation.”

Looking towards the future, the BPA and utility programs have an opportunity to integrate new products and programs, such as LEDs, HVAC, and weatherization. There is also the potential to build on the relationships developed in the retail channel and work more closely with retailers and manufacturers for a more coordinated attack. If California gets involved with the Simple Steps, Smart Savings program, it could be become a West Coast phenomenon.

Below is a link to Sarah’s PowerPoint presentation. Keep an eye out on our events page for upcoming AESP NW events.