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Hello AESP NW Community,

As many of you know, PSU faculty involved with the Energy & Climate Change Curriculum (EC3) have asked us to help them design new training opportunities for energy professionals. This is a great opportunity to help PSU design relevant training programs that will benefit all of us for years to come.  Jeff Hammarlund, the speaker at our October Happy Hour, distributed a revised survey that is specifically designed to receive the recommendations of current and prospective energy services industry professionals, such as members of the AESP NW community. This new survey replaces the one we posted on this site in late August. It incorporates the guidance and recommendations of AESP NW board member, Jim Thayer, and does a much better job of tapping into the experiences of the AESP NW community.

If you have not yet done so, please take that time to download and complete the attached new survey and send it to Jeff Hammarlund at If you already filled out the previous survey, that will still be useful. However, we also encourage you to complete and return this revised survey since you will find the questions to be more relevant to your work experience.

Download the survey here: Revised_PSU_EC3Survery_EnergyIndustryProfessionals

The due date for submitting this survey to Jeff Hammarlund is 5 pm on November 15.